Types of Publication

Types of Publication

The IPC-IG provides research-based policy recommendations through different publication format.

  • OP
    One Pagers

    are extremely popular short-format publications  which seek to introduce a wide audience of readers to the core ideas or concepts explored in greater depth in larger works.

  • PiF
    Policy in Focus

    is the IPC-IG’s flagship publication—a magazine that seeks to synthesise policy .debates and discussions, and educate and increase awareness about specific development themes

  • PRB
    Policy Research Briefs

    published through the IPC-IG present concise theoretical and practical analyses of concrete policy options in the broader development field.

  • RR
    Research Reports

    present the structured results of projects developed by the Centre, often involving the classification and taxonomy of social protection programmes in different regions of the world.

  • WP
    Working Papers

    published through the IPC-IG are more formal, academic-style works that explore development themes in depth.