Design, Launch and Implementation of a Cash Transfer Social Programme in the Republic of Cape Verde

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Following up on the work started in 2013, the IPC-IG and Ipea developed an analysis of the socio-economic vulnerabilities, as well as the fiscal and institutional capacities in order to support the design of a national Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) in Cape Verde. The project activities were extended until April 2015 to reflect the new agenda of activities that was affected by the collection of data, the review of documents sent by the IPC-IG to the UN Cape Verde Office and the impossibility of continuing the activities during the eruption of the volcano at Ilha do Fogo in November 2014.


UNDP Cape Verde , Government of Cape Verde


Sub-Saharan Africa

Cape Verde

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Knowledge Production

Thematic Area

Social Protection

Other Thematic Areas

Poverty Reduction Policies

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 1 - No Poverty

Project Results

Collection of data, studies and a report

Missions to Cape Verde and meetings with stakeholders afforded access to confidential data that allowed for the assessment of socio-economic vulnerabilities, fiscal and institutional capacities of social protection in the country.

The report delivered by the IPC-IG in December 2014 consolidated all expected outputs of the project’s work plan. The main objective of the study was to investigate Cape Verde’s options regarding five key aspects of a CTP: the programme’s target population; the value of the transfers to be made to its beneficiaries; the programme’s targeting tools; eventual conditionalities that the programme could adopt; and means to engage national and subnational Social Protection institutions and people’s organisations for the implementation of the programme.