IPC-IG and socialprotection.org showcased their work at the Global South-South Development Expo 2022

Photo: archive

The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) and the socialprotection.org platform participated in the 11th Global South-South Development Expo (GSSD) 2022, from 12 to 14 September 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. Senior Project Officer Mariana Balboni and Knowledge Management Officer Marina Salomão Carvalho were able to showcase the South-South dialogue and knowledge-sharing activities promoted by the IPC-IG and the socialprotection.org online platform.  

The GSSD is an annual event organised by the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) to showcase successful, evidence-based development solutions and initiatives, in collaboration with other UN agencies and partners.  

This year, the theme was “Advancing South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable COVID-19 Recovery: Towards a Smart and Resilient Future”. The event was co-hosted by the Government of Thailand and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). 

To share the initiatives and actions of the IPC-IG and the socialprotection.org platform in the area, while fostering learning and networking with different actors, the team participated in the face-to-face event and attended various sessions. Both virtual and a physical booths were set up to present some of the work developed recently, such as the Arab Ministerial Forum 2021, the social protection knowledge production and policy analysis in South Asia, the online dashboard featuring a mapping of social protection responses to COVID-19 in the Global South, the Global e-Conference ‘Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: What’s next for social protection?’, the publication ‘How does Brazil quantify Brazilian Cooperation for International Development?’, in partnership with the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), among others.  

The event was also an opportunity to forge new partnerships, foster collaborations and strengthen ties with various actors working with social protection and development, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Several practitioners demonstrated an interest in continuing the conversations initiated during the event and shared their contacts. Some of these follow-ups may result in virtual meetings and collaboration in different activities, such as webinars and podcasts.