New IPC-IG's project in Latin America and the Caribbean focuses on food chains and social protection in rural areas

Women at food market


The IPC-IG, in partnership with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), is conducting a study on social protection responses to the COVID-19 crisis in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing especially on policies aimed at ensuring the functioning of food chains in rural areas and the protection of the rural population.   


A webinar, three Policy Research Briefs and three One Pagers will be delivered later this year as a result of the study, on the following subjects:   


1. Intersection between food security and production protection: social protection measures supporting the supply and demand of food chains.   


2. COVID-19 and employment in the agri-food sector: analysing labour market and social insurance responses.  


3. Digitalisation: opportunities and limitations for rural families.  


The policy briefs aim to maximise the recovery and transformation of rural territories to ‘build back better’ after the crisis, focusing on the design and implementation features of adapted social protection schemes that enable socio-economic inclusion and strengthen rural households' resilience in the face of future emergencies or shocks.   


Photo: Jeison Higuita/Unsplash