Introducing the Handbook of Social Protection Systems

Author: Darleen Kolbe ,Nino Gogsadze
Thematic Area: Social Protection

Abstract:Social protection has been increasingly recognized by experts from different fields as a key instrument for social, economic, political, and environmental development. It is also known for tackling multiple goals related to the reduction of risk, poverty and inequality at once. Yet, its instruments are often seen in isolation, programmes are still managed in silos and the systemic aspect is often overlooked. Engaging in critical discussions about the systemic aspect of social protection and outlining what it really takes to pursue a systemic approach has motivated the two editors, Prof. Dr. Esther Schüring from H-BRS and Dr. Markus Loewe from the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) to launch the very first Handbook on Social Protection Systems in late 2021.

Keywords:social protection; systemic approach
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Type/Issue:One Pager/516