Non-contributory social protection through a child and equity lens in Saudi Arabia

Autor: International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG)
Área temática: Social Protection

Resumo:"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab State in the Persian Gulf region. Along with other Member States of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia's rapid economic growth contributed to significant social advancements. The country achieved most of the Millennium Development Goals and a very high Human Development Index of 0.847—the second highest in the region after Qatar. Despite considerable progress, regional and gender disparities are important social concerns that have yet to be addressed. Saudi Arabia's total population stands at 32.2 million, of whom 9.6 million (29.8 per cent) are under 18 and 2.9 million (9.2 per cent) are under the age of 5, according to estimates for 2016. In 2016, migrant workers and their families, as well as Syrian and Yemeni refugee communities, accounted for a third of the country's population (11.7 million people)". (...)

Palavras-chave:Non-contributory, social protection, child, equity, lens, Saudi Arabia
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