Presenting Kenya’s Single Registry for Social Protection: Webinar

On 29 March 2016, at 2pm – 3:30pm (UTC +03:00 – Nairobi, Kenya) we will be holding a webinar dedicated to Kenya’s Single Registry for Social Protection. The webinar is supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Oxford Policy Management and Development Pathways, and hosted by Fulfilling Kenya’s Vision 2030 Medium term plan (MTP), Kenya’s Single Registry was created as an electronic solution for social accountability. The integrated registry assists the social protection sector with planning, coordination and monitoring of the country’s four main cash transfer programmes, while also integrating data from the World Food Programme’s Cash for Asset Programme. The registry aims to consolidate and coordinate the country’s current range of fragmented schemes and will in the future expand its scope to include data on health insurance and social security. The webinar will provide first-hand insight on the Single Registry’s design and implementation. Register for the webinar if you are interested in hearing about a novel and ‘low-cost’ approach to integrating data and information management for social protection. The approach is very different from Brazil’s Cadastro Unico and Chile’s SIIS, which is already widely discussed in the literature! In particular, the following aspects will be discussed:

  • What is Kenya’s Single Registry?
  • How does Kenya’s Single Registry work?
  • Who benefits from the Single Registry and how?
  • Background and timeline: how has this work taken shape?
  • Challenges and limitations
  • Work ahead

Presenters: Winnie Mwasiaji (Coordinator, Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya) Evelyn Gathecha (Single Registry Specialist, Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya) Richard Chirchir (Senior MIS Specialist, Development Pathways) Moderator: Valentina Barca (Consultant, Oxford Policy Management)   We invite you to register as an audience member of the webinar. Presentation schedule: 2pm - 2:30pm Presentation on Kenya’s Single Registry by Winnie Mwasiaji 2:30pm - 3pm Discussant 3pm - 3:30pm Audience Questions


 Date: 29 March 2016

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm (UTC +03:00 – Nairobi, Kenya) Register!

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Following the webinar, the recording will be available on’s Youtube channel, while presentations and related content will be available for download on The Single Registries and Integrated MISs Online Community, accessible on Community members will also be able to submit comments and questions concerning the webinar to the webinar panelists. To join the Online Community and stay up-to-date on this and future knowledge sharing initiatives, become a member of  

About the Panellists:

WinnieWinnie Mwasiaji (Coordinator, Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya) Winnie Mwasiaji is the national coordinator of social protection programmes in Kenya under the Ministry of Labour and East African Affairs of Kenya. She has over 25 years of experience in social development with eight years of experience in social protection policy and programme implementation. Winnie’s focus is facilitating effective and efficient delivery of social protection interventions through working with policy makers to ensure adequate funding for social protection interventions in Kenya. She also played a key role in spearheading the team that designed and developed the single registry system. She has authored several publications on social protection and also has extensive experience in training on social protection.




 EvelynEvelyn Gathecha (Single Registry Specialist, Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya) Evelyn Mwangi-Gathecha is the Senior ICT Officer and MIS co-ordinator at the Social Protection Secretariat, Ministry of Labour and East African Affairs of Kenya. She has over a decade of experience in Information Systems Implementation with five years of experience implementing the MIS for social development cash transfer programs and the Kenya Single Registry. Evelyn’s focus is on coordination of the decentralization of the single registry and the cash transfer programme MIS to the county and sub-county level including linking system to the national population register for beneficiary validation. She also plays a key role in providing technical advice on implementation of cost effective ICT systems at the Secretariat.




   RichardRichard Chirchir (Senior MIS Specialist, Development Pathways) Richard Chirchir is the Senior MIS Specialist at Development Pathways and an experienced Management Information Systems (MIS) expert with over 14 years of relevant professional experience. He has devoted most of his career to the design and development of multi-platform ICT solutions. Richard has worked across Africa and Asia. In addition to developing the SAGE MIS in Uganda, he has designed the MIS system for Kenya’s four main SP programmes, provided advice on Pakistan’s Benazir Income Support Programme; advising on MIS development in the Seychelles, Laos, and Zambia; and developing MISs for cash transfer schemes in Liberia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. He also led Pathways’ development of Kenya’s Single Registry, which links together the countries cash transfer schemes – including recent work to integrate WFP’s public works programmes – and has recently initiated Pathways’ support for a Single Registry in Rwanda and Ethiopia. He has co-authored the two publications on MISs used in developing countries.

ValentinaValentina Barca (Consultant, Oxford Policy Management) Valentina Barca is a consultant in Oxford Policy Management’s Poverty and Social Protection portfolio, with a strong research focus on how delivery systems (e.g design and implementation aspects) can facilitate responsiveness and effectiveness of social protection systems. In recent years, Valentina has led OPM’s work on the topic of integrated data and information management for social protection, including leading three separate projects for DFAT aimed at: developing a framework for analysis, compiling international best practice, and facilitating South-South exchange of experiences and practical guidance.




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