Latest publications
IPC-IG Collection of One Pagers, Vol. 3

04/02/2016, One Pager, IPC-IG

Education through the lens of sustainable human development

04/02/2016, Working Paper, Gianna Alessandra Sanchez Moretti

Policies for Rural Development: an Analysis Focusing on the North and Northeast Regions of Brazil

09/12/2015, One Pager, Izabelle Vieira, Pedro Arruda, Simone Battestin, Wesley J. Silva, Laetícia R. De Souza, Sergei Soares, Rovane Schwengber , Áquila Estevão da Silva Campos

Taxation and distribution of income in Brazil: new evidence from personal income tax data

09/12/2015, One Pager, Sérgio Wulff Gobetti, Rodrigo Octávio Orair

Scale of Institutional Public Procurement of Food in Brazil

13/11/2015, Working Paper, Rovane Battaglin Schwengber, Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro, Fábio Veras Soares, Rodrigo Octávio Orair

Climate Change Impacts: Response Options for Family Farmers in Brazil

13/11/2015, One Pager, Amanda Barroso Lima, Isadora Cardoso Vasconcelos, Pedro Vasconcelos Rocha

Climate Change and its Impacts on Family Farming in the North/Northeast Regions of Brazil

13/11/2015, Technical Paper, Haroldo de Oliveira Machado Filho