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Defining pro-poor growth

02/01/2004, One Pager, Siddiq Osmani

Measuring poverty: what's in the line?

21/12/2004, One Pager, Alejandro Grinspun

Pro-poor growth: finding the Holy Grail

12/12/2004, One Pager, Alejandro Grinspun

Defining pro-poor growth: a response to Kakwani

15/11/2004, One Pager, Martin Ravallion

The MDGs and pro-poor polices: related but not synonymous

07/11/2004, Working Paper, Jan Vandemoortele

Methods in measuring poverty matter: an Indian story.

26/06/2004, One Pager, Nanak Kakwani

Economic growth and poverty reduction: initial conditions matter

08/08/2004, Working Paper, Hyun H. Son, Nanak Kakwani