Latest publications
The effects of conditionality monitoring on educational outcomes: evidence from the Bolsa Família Programme

13/06/2016, One Pager, Luis Henrique Paiva, Fábio Veras Soares, Flavio Cireno, Iara Azevedo Vitelli Viana, Ana Clara Duran

An increasing recognition of the role of family farming in achieving sustainable development

13/06/2016, One Pager, Thomas Cooper Patriota, Francesco Maria Pierri

Public policies for rural development and combating poverty in rural areas

13/05/2016, Joint Publications, Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Pedro Arruda, Izabelle Vieira, Simone Battestin, Áquila Estevão Campos, Wesley Silva

Scaling up cash transfer programmes: Good practices and lessons learned from Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia

13/05/2016, Joint Publications, Ana Beatriz Monteiro Costa, Mario Gyoeri, Fábio Veras Soares

Climate change and impacts on family farming in the North and Northeast of Brazil

13/05/2016, Working Paper, Haroldo Machado Filho, Cássia Moraes, Paula Bennati, Renato de Aragão Rodrigues, Marcela Guilles, Pedro Rocha, Amanda Lima, Isadora Vasconcelos

Social Protection in Africa: inventory of non-contributory programmes

13/05/2016, Joint Publications, Cristina Cirillo, Raquel Tebaldi

Poverty profile: rural North and Northeast of Brazil Investing in rural people

13/05/2016, Joint Publications, Sergei Soares, Laetícia De Souza, Wesley Silva, Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Áquila Campos