Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 41 - May 2015


Issue 41 - May 2015


Inclusive Growth Bulletin

Welcome to the latest Inclusive Growth Bulletin covering South-South Learning on innovative poverty reduction strategies. The May 2015 edition introduces readers to a new Policy in Focus on the effects of cash transfers on local economies, as well as features new One Pagers in our ECLAC and Africa series. In addition, there are publications that analyse the effects of foreign aid for social transfers in low-income economies and the impact of cash transfers on financial inclusion. The latest updates about the IPC-IG's activities and participation in events in Cape Verde, Malawi and Russia are also shared.


Policy in Focus


Can social protection policies promote economic growth? This is one of the questions our latest Policy in Focus, "The Impact of Cash Transfers on Local Economies", seeks to answer. The issue features a foreword by renowned Prof. Martin Ravallion and includes 10 articles, where leading authors and policy practitioners present their research results and evidence, obtained using various methodologies, regarding small-scale programmes to large-scale policies in Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia. The articles analyse how cash transfers can impact the local economy in developing countries, through their effects on investment, productivity, prices, employment and trade. This edition is available for download in PDF and smartphone/tablet friendly formats and was developed in conjunction with the Department of International Development of the London School of Economics (LSE).


The One Pager "Delivering Conditional Cash Transfers via Savings Accounts", by Carlos Chiapa (El Colegio de México, Mexico City) and Silvia Prina (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland), discusses the challenges and policy implications of delivering PROSPERA (formerly PROGRESA/Oportunidades) benefits directly into a savings accounts in order to improve the financial inclusion of its beneficiaries. A Spanish version is also available.

In the One Pager "Aiding Social Transfers in Low-income Countries: Is there a Catalytic Effect?" by Cécile Cherrier (Maastricht Graduate School of Governance/UNU-MERIT), the author looks into the evidence from six African case studies to analyse how foreign aid has had a catalytic effect on mobilising domestic resources for social transfers in low-income countries. She argues that while aid could potentially translate into poverty alleviation - if supported by effective strategies and sufficient resources - it also presents the risk of an excessive policy push from aid actors that could jeopardise the ability of recipient countries to develop their own social policies, possibly hindering their evolution into aid-independent countries. This OP is a partnership between the IPC-IG and the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD). A version of this OP in French is also available.

Series of One Pagers

This month Jamaica is featured in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) series of One Pagers on social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean.

"Social Protection Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Jamaica" by Milena Lavigne and Luis Hernán Vargas (ECLAC) is also available in Spanish.

The From Protection to Production (PtoP)'s series of One Pagers, aims to bring insight about the impact evaluations of cash transfers in Sub-Saharan Africa; this month it features "The Impact of Social Cash Transfer Programmes on Community Dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa", also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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There are also publications translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

"Retrofitting the Brazilian Biodiesel Programme: Implications for Policy Design" by Clovis Zapata (IPC-IG), Sara Brune and Jackline Achieng Adero (Wageningen University, Netherlands) is now available in Portuguese.

"Fiscal Equity: Distributional Impacts of Taxation and Social Spending in Brazil" by Fernando Gaiger Silveira (Ipea), Fernando Rezende (EBAPE/FGV), Jose Roberto Afonso (IBRE/FGV) and Jhonatan Ferreira (SAS Institute Brazil). Arabic. French. Portuguese. Spanish.

"Scaling-up Local Development Initiatives: Brazil's Food Procurement Programme", by Ryan Nehring and Ben McKay (IPC-IG). Chinese. French. Portuguese. Spanish.

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Now Available: IPC-IG's Newsletter in French

This month, the IPC-IG launched its first newsletter in the French language. This long-awaited project is the result of the dedicated work of our multicultural team, led by the goal to always provide our readers with interesting and relevant content on topics such as inclusive growth, social protection and cash transfers. The newsletter will be published every two months. Click here to subscribe.


UN Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015

On 14 May, the IPC-IG hosted the Seminar "Asia-Brazil: Perspectives for Cooperation and Inclusion", which marked the official launch of the United Nations Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015 in Latin America and the Caribbean region. This is the third time the IPC-IG has launched the report, which is the annual flagship publication of the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for the Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

The event panel consisted of the UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative in Brazil and IPC-IG Director, Jorge Chediek; the President of Brazil's Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), Jessé Souza; Director of International Economic and Political Studies and Relations of Ipea, Renato Baumann; and the Director of the Economic and Social Commission for Latin America and Caribbean (ECLAC) Office in Brazil, Carlos Mussi. In attendance were ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of Afghanistan, China, Guinea Bissau, India, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, and East Timor. The full report and the Executive Summary can be downloaded from the ESCAP website.

New Book focus on Agriculture, Rural Sustainable Development and International Technical Cooperation

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), with support from the IPC-IG and UNDP Brazil, published this month the book titled "Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development: Challenges of International Technical Cooperation". It provides a historical and conceptual view of the theme with cases and experiences that illustrate the complexity of the challenges institutions like IICA have undertaken and shares ideas about the work in the future. Jorge Chediek wrote the book's foreword, and IPC-IG's Project Analyst, Lívia Maria da Costa Nogueira,wrote a chapter on the historical perspective of international cooperation for development. The book is available for download as a PDF file, in Portuguese only, from IICA's website.


Activity Report 2014

The IPC-IG's team is proud to present our 2014 Annual Report, which provides an overview of the main activities and achievements of the Centre last year.

The report highlights the impressive increase in the outreach capacity of the IPC-IG to crucial audiences as well as the production of knowledge materials aiming at creating informed debate around development policies. It showcases the diverse partnerships, vital to the operations of the Centre, and—more than ever—a focus on collaboration that taps into the experiences of low and middle-income countries, providing insight for others. Read the report here.

Addis Ababa Declaration on Social Protection

Ministers of Social Development, Labour and Employment of African Union (AU) Member States met for the First Meeting of Specialized Technical Committee on Social Development, Labour and Employment (STC-SDLE-1) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 20-24 April. Brazil's Minister of Agrarian Development (MDA), Patrus Ananias, participated in the event. At the end of the STC-SDLE-1, the ministers issued the "Addis Ababa Declaration on Social Protection for Inclusive Development", which will be presented to the 25th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union, to be held on 14-15 June, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

South-South Dialogue


Rafael Osório, IPC-IG's Research Coordinator and IPC-IG Researcher, Pedro Arruda travelled to Cape Verde from 24-30 April to present the final version of the report on the country's Cash Transfer Programme, prepared by the IPC-IG, together with researchers from Ipea. The report provides a detailed assessment of the country's fiscal capacity, institutional and social vulnerabilities. The study is the result of a partnership between the Government of Cape Verde, UNDP Cape Verde and the IPC-IG. Over the past year, the IPC-IG's research team worked closely together with leading institutions of social protection in Cape Verde, notably with the Ministry of Youth, Employment, Development and Human Resources (MJEDRH), the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the National Centre for Social Pensions (CNPS).

Osório and Arruda presented the results of the report on the islands of Santiago and São Vicente to the MJEDRH's Minister, Janira Almada; the Coordinator of the Executive Secretariat of the National Family Council, Ulysses Borges da Veiga; the Director General of Social Solidarity, Lamine Tavares; the U.N. Resident Representative in the country, Ulrika Richardson-Golinski; the focal point for the project in UNDP Cape Verde, Adelaide Ribeiro; the Brazilian Ambassador in Cape Verde, João Inácio Padilha; and the ILO National Coordinator for Cabo Verde, Joana Henriques Borges.


Knowledge Sharing Workshop between Malawi and Mozambique

The IPC-IG's Research Coordinator, Fábio Veras, went to Malawi earlier this month to attend a three-day knowledge sharing workshop between Malawi and Mozambique on the Purchase from Africans for Africa (PAA) Programme, promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Food Programme (WFP), participating governments, and with support from the governments of Brazil and the United Kingdom. During the workshop, the participants had a chance to deepen their knowledge on designing effective public policies addressing institutional markets and linkages to smallholder farming production in their countries; they also visited local schools as well as the Chibwerera Farmers Association in the district of Mangochi to learn from the schools and smallholder farmers on how the PAA project is being implemented. Mr. Veras also had conversations with PAA Africa implementers about the monitoring and evaluation strategy of this initiative.

VII BRICS Academic Forum

Pedro Arruda, an associate researcher for the IPC-IG, will participate in the VII BRICS Academic Forum, in Moscow, Russia on 22-23 May. He will present the paper "Educational Systems of the BRICS Countries: Preliminary Findings of the Comparative, Present and Future Time Adequacy Analysis", which he co-authored with Ashleigh Kate Slingsby (IPC-IG/UNDP), Olga Ustyuzhantseva (CEO, Resource Centre, Tomsk State University), and Abdul Nafey (Dean, Jawaharlal Nehru University). For more information on the programme of the event, click here.

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