Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 29 - May 2014
Issue 29 - May 2014

Inclusive Growth Bulletin

Welcome to the Twenty-ninth Inclusive Growth Bulletin covering South-South Learning on innovative poverty reduction strategies. The May 2014 issue launches new publications on poverty in the Arab States, Brazilian innovations in social protection, opportunites and challenges for urban informal recycling and waste workers, news and updates on the IPC-IG's activities and a new video interview on Ecuador's social protection programmes. 



In the Working Paper Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index and Tackling Interlocking Deprivations in the Arab States, Abdel-Hameed Nawar (Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University) uses the OPHI's Alkire-Foster standardised global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) model to analyse the 2013 round of multidimensional poverty and inequality results for Arab States. He also explores how the MPI can be used as a tool to develop targeted policies aimed at tackling poverty at national and subnational levels in the region, especially by considering multidimensional deprivation, as opposed to simply using 'lack of income' as a measurement of poverty and inequality. A One Pager version is available in English and Arabic.

Cadastro Único: A Registry Supported by a National Public Bank, a Working Paper by Joana Mostafa (Institute of Applied Economic Research, Ipea) and Natália G. D. Sátyro (Department of Political Science, Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG), offers an overview of the Cadastro Único, Brazil's main registry for programmes and policies directed at low-income populations. Its main difference from most targeted registries around the world is that income is declared by the family themselves. The paper introduces the registry's general characteristics and its history. It also investigates the role of the national public bank, Caixa Econômica Federal, in developing and maintaining Cadastro Único's systems and databases. The One Pager version is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

The One Pager Possible Choices, Valuable Meanings: an Overview of the Activities of Brazilian Recyclable Materials Pickers (also available in Portuguese) by Beatriz Judice Magalhães (International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, IPC-IG) analyses the ambiguous situation of recyclable materials pickers in Brazil and questions whether new social movements and government actions will allow for greater recognition and integration of this group into formal society.


The Policy in Focus Protagonist Women, launched in March in Celebration of International Women's Day, is now available in Portuguese in both PDF and ISSUU versions. The issue features articles by guest authors working on gender and poverty topics in Africa, Brazil, India, Afghanistan and Egypt.

There are also Portuguese, Arabic, French and Spanish versions of two One Pagers:

Conditionalities, School Performance and Progression of Bolsa Familia Programme Recipients by Flávio Cireno (Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger, Brazil); Joana Silva and Rafael Proença, (World Bank). Arabic. French. Portuguese. Spanish.

Combining Conditional Cash Transfers and Primary Health Care to Reduce Childhood and Mortality in Brazil by Davide Rasella (Instituto de Saúde Coletiva, Federal University of Bahia) and Rômulo Paes-Sousa (World Centre for Sustainable Development, RIO+ Centre). Arabic. French. Portuguese. Spanish

See full list of publications here



The IPC-IG launches an online discussion space

National Evaluation Capacities (NEC) has introduced a revamped online space for discussion. In cooperation with the UNDP International Evaluation Office (IEO), experts, practitioners, and decision-makers will come together and exchange ideas about the importance and implementation of evaluation in development. The results of several online discussion rounds will be shared at a number of topic-related conferences, culminating in various publications. The online discussion space can be accessed here. The first round of discussions will start at the end of May 2014. 


The African social protection agenda 

The IPC-IG participated in the "African Union Expert Consultation Meeting on Children and Social Protection in Africa", which took place from April 28th-30th in Somerset West, South Africa. The event gathered delegations from over 50 countries dedicated to building the African social protection (SP) agenda via exchange of experiences and best practices as well as debate, culminating in the realisation of recommendations for the upcoming Fourth Session of the AU Conference of Ministers of Social Development. A review of the presentations and main messages are available on our Press Room

The Global South and the Post-2105 Agenda 

The IPC-IG was invited to share perspectives on social protection as a potential post-2015 target at the international symposium on "Human Development in the Global South: Emerging Perspectives in the Era of the Post – Millennium Development Goals". The event took place between the 28th-29th of April 2014 in New Delhi, promoted by the Institute for Human Development, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan and United Nations ESCAP. Learn more here


Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation for Development in Egypt 

Around 40 of Egypt's government officials participated in a 6-day-workshop in Cairo aimed at promoting public dialogue, strengthening monitoring of development progress and defining a vision of a new social contract in the country. The event was organized by the Social Contract Advisory, Monitoring and Coordination Centre (SCC), a UNDP project, in collaboration with the IPC-IG, which has been working closely with UNDP Egypt and the Egyptian government to strengthen monitoring and impact evaluation of their development policies and programmes for over five years. 

Caribbean dialogue on social protection

The IPC-IG shared and discussed Latin American experiences with policymakers and experts from Antigua, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent, UNDP and other UN agencies at the "Horizontal Cooperation Exchange: Social Protection" event, which took place on May 13th-15th in Belize. It was organised by Belize's Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, the Organization of American States (OAS), UNDP and UNICEF. 



Innovations in Ecuador's social protection system 

The IPC-IG's series of videos on the recent innovations in social protection policies in Latin America presents Frenzel Apolo, Ecuador's Vice Minister of Social Protection and Mobility. He talks about the country's conditional cash transfer programme - El Bono de Desarrollo Humano - and its linkages with the social protection system at large.  

Upcoming Events

The IPC-IG will be attending or supporting the following events:

  • International seminar on the "PAA Africa and Institutional Markets Knowledge Sharing" on June 2nd-6th in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 'Purchase from Africans for Africa' (PAA Africa) is joint initiative to promote food and nutrition security and income generation for farmers and vulnerable communities in African countries. Click here to read the PAA Africa's 2013 report.
  • Workshop on Impact Evaluation methods for Egypt's researchers and academics interested in social policy impact evaluation methodologies. The training will take place in two modules on June 7th-19th and is organised by the Social Contract Centre (SCC) and the IPC-IG with support of UNDP Egypt.