Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 23 - September 2013



Inclusive Growth Bulletin

Welcome to IPC-IG special newsletter covering South-South Learning. This September 2013 issue brings the latest edition of the Poverty in Focus magazine on the Role and Design of Social Protection Programmes and related news.


A set of new articles look at the recent developments and innovations in the social protection area in developing countries.

This issue features 14 articles based on the international workshop organized by IPC-IG and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) in December 2012. The aim of the workshop and this publication was to contribute to the learning process among middle and low-income countries on how to expand beneficiary coverage and improve social protection systems to foster inclusive growth in the developing world.


Social Pensions in Asia

In the previous IG Bulletin we introduced a series of One Pager papers based on the chapters of the Asian Development Bank's book "Social Protection for Older Persons". In this edition we feature the following articles:

1. The Challenge of Rapid Ageing: Development of Social Pensions in Asia, by Sri W. Handayani, Principal Social Development Specialist, ADB

2. How to Provide Basic Income Security to all Elderly People? by Krzysztof Hagemejer and Valérie Schmitt, International Labour Organization

3. Nepal's Senior Citizens' Allowance: A Model of Universalism in a Low-income Country Context by Michael Samson, Economic Policy Research Institute

4. The Challenges of the Old-age Allowance System in Thailand by Worawet Suwanrada, College of Population Studies, Chulalongkorn University and Dharmapriya Wesumperuma, HelpAge International, East Asia Pacific Regional Development Centre

5. The Old-age Allowance Programme in Bangladesh: Challenges and Lessons by Sharifa Begum, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) and Dharmapriya Wesumperuma, HelpAge International, East Asia Pacific Regional Development Centre

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Learning Resources

Book image  

The Book Social Protection, Economic Growth And Social Change: Goals, Issues and Trajectories in China, India, Brazil and South Africa, edited by James Midgley and David Piachaud, analyses the impact of government cash transfers and discusses the future trends of social protection in such countries. Some of the chapters on Brazil were written by regular IPC-IG contributors: Maria Paula dos Santos (Ipea) on the evolution of Brazil's social protection System; Sergei Soares (Ipea) on the efficiency and effectiveness of Social Protection in reducing poverty and inequality; and Fabio Veras Soares (Ipea / IPC-IG) and Francesca Bastagli (ODI) on the future of social protection in Brazil.

IPC papers/articles written by the co-authors of the book help to provide further background information:

  • Santos, in Poverty in Focus #22, analyses the Income Security System in Brazil;
  • Soares summarises the impacts of Bolsa Familia's conditional cash transfer programme in One Pager #137
  • Bastagli discusses the evolution of the Welfare State in Latin America in the Working Paper #60; and
  • Veras Soares discusses Bolsa Familia and the Basic Income Grant in Brazil in One Pager #177

Please see the following One Pagers to learn more about the debate surrounding social policies and development in China and India:



In celebration of United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation on September 12th, we selected a list of related learning resources:

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The 2013 Human Development Report – "The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World"


Seminar Series


Research suggests innovative approach to Inclusive Development in BRICS countries.

Prof. Nanak Kakwani, former IPC-IG's Director, visiting researcher at Ipea and Professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, presented at a IPC-IG Seminar his research findings in the areas of pro-poor growth, poverty and inequality, with a focus on BRICS countries.

Check out the Flickr photo album here and interview with the speaker Prof. Nanak Kakwani here (produced by IPEA).