Food for Thought: Is There a Brazilian Model of Development?
Photo: Dylan Passmore. Subway passengers in São Paulo, 2006, Brazil (

Cover of the new Policy in Focus magazine

Cover of the new Policy in Focus magazine

Brasilia, January, 2015 – Is there a Brazilian model of development? The search for answers to that question is the central theme of the new issue of “Policy in Focus” magazine published by the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG).

Despite its current difficulties, Brazil offers a striking example of inclusive growth. Inequality has fallen sharply over the past decade and a half, a period which has also seen the country lift an estimated 40 million people out of poverty.  Although growth rates have been modest in comparison to China or India, Brazil has implemented a raft of measures to ensure the results of such growth have been shared throughout society.

The latest issue of the Policy in Focus magazine is a compilation of 12 articles presenting the findings of a body of research that looks into these development gains that have been achieved, what challenges remain, and what can lessons from Brazil’s experiences there may be for other developing countries in Africa.

This issue was developed in partnership with the International Research Initiative on Brazil and Africa (IRIBA), hosted by the University of Manchester and was guest-edited by professors Armando Barrientos and Edmund Amann.


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